This Tongue Can Show You The World!

4714619 This Tongue Can Show You The World!

Well here’s a new one for ya, Geographic Tongues. Geographic tongue is a completely benign condition that leaves patterns and shapes on ones tongues in whitish and red colors often in the shape of geographic landmarks.  Even though there’s no treatment,  the strange-looking patterns that appear will disappear and migrate over night. Few studies have been done on geographic tongue. However, a 1976 study in an oral health journal does suggest it’s hereditary and is prevalent in about 2% of the population.

  • Sarah

    haha! There are three people in my family who have Geographic Tongue! Myself included,my cousin and his daughter! Usually no one know what we are talking about. My geographic tongue only appears when I have a cold. Every time I got to the dentist with a slight cold they tell me like I didn’t know the first time! Salt and acetic foods hurt, but it really doesn’t stop me.

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