Chicks dig your …

77833405 Chicks dig your ...

Babe with YOUR iPhone

Gentlemen:   Get out your iPhone.    According to a new study published by PC World, women are more likely to date a man packing an iPhone.

The British-based online phone store Phones 4u reportedly surveyed 1500 women. Fifty-four percent said they were more likely to date a man if he owns an iPhone. One respondent reportedly said “If he has an iPhone then he’s obviously intelligent and well-off.”

Ladies, does he need an iPhone?   Click more to let us know

Thirty-seven percent reportedly said that owning an iPhone makes a man seem more reliable, meaning to them that a second date would be likely.

The study also found that men who use the iPhone tend to be better groomed, have a good sense of humor and can communicate better.   What do you think ladies?    True?


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