Jack Goes to The Movies: Strange ‘Girl on Girl’ Action

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poster chloe Jack Goes to The Movies: Strange Girl on Girl Action

The movie Chloe opens today, a thriller starring Big Love’s Amanda Seyfried, who plays the title character hired to test the fidelity of  Julianna Moore’s husband. Something happens along the way and A and J wind up in a love scene.

Seyfried talks about the filming of such scenes…

Amanda Seyfried says making love to a woman was strange.

Hit More for More Amanda Seyfried audio, and the Chloe Trailer
Amanda Seyfried says it was tough filming her love scene with Julianne Moore.

Amanda Seyfriend says it was hard playing such a sexual role because she’s not a sexual person in real life.

Amanda Seyfried has told her father he’s not allowed to see her new movie “Chloe.”

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